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Available courses

Hip Pocket Training

Hip Pocket Training is a form of training that should not exceed 15 minutes. The idea is you can carry the course on your phone, a notepad, or small book that would fit in your hip pocket. 

The fact that it's titled Hip Pocket Training does not reduce it's value. For instance, if you are teaching basic first aid on something like applying a pressure dressing. This would not take more than fifteen minutes to teach and demonstrate. 

For example using Microsoft Word. It would not take more than 15 minutes to teach how to open, save and close a document. The scope of the course wouldn't cover how to enter text or any details. It would just cover those topics as briefly as possible.

This means prerequisites would have to be clearly stated in each course. For instance with the Word example a simple prerequisite is Word must be installed on the device, phone or computer.

Historical background. The military specifically the Marines indoctrinated this training primarily for training multiple types of individuals with multiple backgrounds. It was so effective that many Marines and Navy Corpsman may have perished without receiving or providing instructions in this manner. Our adaptation is exactly that, an adaptation. We don't carry field manuals with us or military guides in conducting Marine Corps training. 

Adaptation: Our method of adoption is designed serving one main purpose. A very short course with concise testing to insure the comprehension of the material was successful. The course not extending beyond 15 minutes with an ideal presentation time of 5 minutes is a good guideline. If the material is confusing or has several important details extending beyond those time limits then the course must be broken down into several courses to meet these expectations.