Welcome to the Future Virtual COOPerative

Welcome to the future. It’s not made by Software. It’s not made by hardware. It can’t be. It comes by people. A concept for the people, by the people, of the people and from the people. It’s where technology is used by people. People aren’t used by technology. We are modeling a long term business and social concept on the web – DEMOCRATICALLY. Everyone gets a vote on anything that’s an issue, an idea, an investment, an opportunity, a solution or a problem. How’s this done?

The rest is a secret until you join. Is it in code with the text below? No. I am just opening this website up. Join us today. Go to www.virtualtraining.link now and become a member. We will then send you an email to your address that is secure with us explaining the mystery. This mystery will be revealed first by email to you on 1 August 2022. If you are self-motivated we need you. We don’t want your money at all. We need members with heart. Right now please be patient as we are preparing the foundation for everyones success. We operate before our members with full transparency and democracy.

We are in trouble with the rest of the world. We must find a way to work together, it’s no longer a choice. So we start small with the numbers of 3 and 12. History proves it and the future approves it.

Christopher Dean

The world is in trouble. We are in the world therefore we face insurmountable challenges just for survival. COVID, the climate, the economies, and the wars are the most prevalent. We can either literally kill each other or we can be positive. We can seize the technology to save ourselves or be destroyed by it.

This is why I thought up the foundation for this new model. A new model for the future.

This model wasn’t achievable because it needs technology to administrate equality. A core concept of what I have in mind. Keep in mind it’s only one of many concepts to be voted in and implemented. And to vote wisely education must be in abundance and as free as the air we breathe. Therefore join us. Go to www.virtualtraining.link and become a student and teacher today. A journey where your time is invested and respected.

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