Friend For The Artists

What’s Up With The Trio,, and form the Trio COOP of the future! is a website that starts Artists and Photographers with some great ideas, self-training, videos, and concepts. It will star creative ideas from how to make a budget studio to planning your masterpieces. It discusses many ideas. But why is it part of the virtual COOP, and

Virtual Atelier Club takes most of the ideas coming from www.friendfortheartists and shows how to implement or form them into a plan. Virtual Atelier Club involves members with free training on The Virtual Atelier Club has something else. Something deeper so it can use all the training and talent that’s joining. It involves custom development behind the scenes to support It uses Microsoft Teams and soon Google Cloud/Workspace. Two of the most powerful platforms on the internet. This part is for membership only. This part is critical. This makes a new concept possible. It so happens that the name of this first Cooperative is When you become a member, you will know and clearly understand why. It solves all the current problems with internet and business. Bold claim I know, yet it might shock you when you learn it’s not an exaggeration.

Bold claims need talented people’s time. We can’t do this by ourselves. Of course, we need participants so sign up today. The sooner we get meetings together and approve plans then the sooner we show earnings. Which leads me to this next topic.

Earnings! Well, it starts out with contests and training for advanced development. Simple proof is in what you produce. We need to test what we know. Then we need to test it again to see if it developed. I have a marketing method that goes beyond the contests. Again, besides any immediate winnings, there is a use for the submitted works that will make Ateliers, Studios, and Teams passive income. This knowledge is for members only with a signed non-disclosure agreement, and a one-year commitment of 3 hours a week to or should I say the trio. We don’t want your money. We want loyal friends hopefully for the rest of our lives.

We have a dynamic that goes beyond social media which includes free dynamic learning. Out of that forms a better dynamic, an organization that will last a lifetime. But in order to maintain expenses we need to form a viable way to earn money. You and our artists need this more than we do. We all need this for the long term but what if I found a way to make it more important to form teams than to earn money? What if I found a way to make money a biproduct using this Trio, where mosts will lie in knowledge and teamwork. Money will become merely a reward.

Pyramid schemes always parish. Short term fat cat at the top makes out with the most cash. Business models of many dead insurance companies as well as other internet businesses. Few win most lose.

What if everyone is an equal member? Teams form dynamically. Products attributed equally to each member. All rules and agreements are voted in by members with the same equal vote. What if what each project they developed was always present for sale earning passive income even though the team dispersed into other teams made a project with other members. What if they got back together and redid the original project, now they have version 1 and 2 with potential earnings. This is possible in a virtual COOP. A community which does the work and reaps the harvest.

I’m stuck at this point. I can make small projects with a current member. We will go on and succeed slowly. Yet it will not be dynamic. I can’t share and implement ideas because they all depend upon mutual agreements of members. I can form a small team, but the powerful virtue of the dynamics imagined won’t be experienced. We need 1 and 12 members. 4 teams of 3 members to kick this off. I am going to finance several contests to find members. So, the kickoff won’t be money but people willing to commit 3 hours to working out the details. Will you join us, lead, implement or share an awesome idea?

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